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  • Become a leading brand development, optimization, and or management company that develops, manages, and or owns respected brands with multiple brand development studios worldwide



  • Tailor a brand to communicate its message with clarity by giving it an interesting personality along with an ongoing story to tell. A story that will captivate target markets enough to become emotionally invested and make it part of their lives.

Philosophies & Virtues

Philosophies & Virtues

  • Command a critical intellect
  • Articulate with clarity
  • Find the complex in simplicity
  • Elevated by ambition
  • Grounded in humility
  • Susceptible to growth
  • Strong sense of integrity & honesty
  • While respecting flow & energy
  • Stagnant energy is negative energy
  • Still waters collects bacteria



  • The brand is the image and feeling people immediately associate when a name is mentioned. Marketing is the story it tells to separate it from the crowd, spark interest make a person buy in without a shadow of a doubt on various levels (social media, email form, purchase, referral). Marketing is a marriage of advertising, sales and customer service communicating solutions.


  • It’s all psychology. With this understanding we approach all projects based on their unique personalities and find ways to accent those out in a way that their target market will emotionally identify with it and want to make it part of their lives. We do this by organically building the story from the foundation up and finding the right tools to carry on the story in a way that provides a solution.


  • A tree grows its roots just as deep as it needs to be tall.

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Toronto Think Tank Dinner Events

Toronto Think Tank Dinners

Dinner Event

  • An intimate setting located in Yorkville where free minds, entrepreneurs and or clients can be themselves, debate, entertain, socialize, enrich each other while  eating soul food and enjoying the free flowing open bar

Celebrating Sagittarius

Celebrating Sagittarius  

  • Chef H from St Kitts
  • and Tess Francis from IronHorse Productions

Soul food, live music & open bar

Soul food, live music and open bar

  • Chef H will continue serving his signature food focusing on West Indian Food
  • Tess Francis will introduce his signature BBQs
  • Open bar, but be courteous and bring something to keep the bar flowing.

Location time and parking

Location time and parking

  • We start at 11 and go until sunrise.
  • The next one is Saturday November 22nd
  • The event will be at Yonge and Bloor
  • One block south on Bloor
  • Parking on Hayden St and Charles is free after 9pm
  • Parking lot connects both streets


RSVP - Space is extremely limited

Invite only