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S M A R T E R ai

Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact (algo)Rhythm


An agile based work philosophy helps us manage multiple projects, collaborate with multiple teams, their different workflows, and configuations while balancing their budgets needs, scopes of work and deadlines.



S M A R T E R work process

  • SMARTER is Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm.


  • SMARTER is an agile based work philosophy that allows us to manage multiple projects, collaborate


  • with multiple teams, their different workflows & their project’s needs.


  • Our services are delivered with consistency, clear communication, and on time.


  • We do not proceed with development unless you’ve approved the progress.


  • We believe that success is 99% planning and 1% execution once the blueprint is sound, the plan will execute itself.


  • Easy collaborative work process, includes an in-studio creative session to help develop your project


  • Creative sessions are also available through Zoom, Google Talk or Skype


  • We keep track and support all our projects through E-mail, Chat and our online community on Slack




  • Through the gathering phase, we set our clients up with a community account. We use the information to register our clients to our collaborative tools, complete a brand assessment form to set up a basic project outline, we research your market, set up the time to consult the best business development services for you.


  • We meet in our creative studio at the Centre for Social Innovation – CSI Annex (on 720 Bathurst Street), We flesh out the details and the philosophy of your project from its foundation up over a cup of coffee or lunch. We finish with detailed a project outline and concepts.




  • We set up a beta version of your project and test it. We take this time to tweak the settings according to your business needs. launch it according to the project outline. We also provide you with the necessary, training, support & documentation.


  • We value our work and want our products to deliver. We monitor, tweak to improve, and provide your project critical updates – sometimes bringing it back to stage 2 and 3 for 90 days after the Beta launch. We provide you with extensive access to resources including, Slack, workshops, tutorials, event invites, downloads to help you maintain.



Research & Development

Skills in our community including: Concept art, illustration, graphic design, French, Coding Networking, Marketing, Business Solutions, Event Management, Workshop, Design, Public Speaking, Editing, Networking, sales, QA, Teaching, Advertising, Copy Editing, Copy Writing, Content creation, Illustration, Logo Design, Project Management, Marketing, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Typography, Training, Mentoring, Profile Writing, Presentations, Business Networking, Branding, Photography, Web Design,  Consulting, SEO Strategy , Basics of Google Analytics, Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Curation, Creative Networking, Recruiting, Social Media Advertising, Data Analysis, Surveying, Event Planning




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