Start My Project – Create a Project Outline

Let’s get started!


All projects go through 4 phases of development


Phase 1 – Gathering

  • Our 1st initial meeting we will go over agreements and gather basic info for your project, discuss a contract and design a timeline we agree on.
  • After the 1st initial meeting we ask for a payment of 60%
  • When we receive the startup cost we send you a detailed project outline that you can take to any web developer for execution
  • We go back and forth several times until we agree on the outline
  • We design a project outline through a Design Thinking process in studio or video

Phase 2 – Samples

  • We send samples of how it can look like within about 10 business days
  • We setup an online demo for review
  • Demos are setup backstage on our website
  • We setup a demo session/walkthrough online or in studio

Once we agree on the direction we’ll continue with phase 3 of your design

  • This includes the 2nd payment
  • Implementing your designs, website and infrastructure
  • Launching the website
  • Relinquishing the rights 
  • Providing you with enough documentation/training to operate it


Phase 4 – Additional maintenance


  • We monitor the website for 30 days and send you a comprehensive traffic report
  • We check in every 3 to 4 months to see how it’s going


  • We can provide you with an ongoing content strategy through copywriting and improve your Google ranking


  • And we can provide you ongoing business development that helps you grow your social media presence


I hope that we can collaborate on designing a successful Eco-system that will help your business.