Blog – Internet Real Estate a New Frontier

The internet is a new frontier for real estate.

I call it Internet Real Estate because, information, a brand, or a function on the internet can attract people. There are no limits to the number of people who can visit a specific space.

This real estate is made up of apps, websites, social media, and video. These can be valuable because they solve problems for us, keep us informed, or allow us to connect with loved ones. They allow us to manage our jobs, our money and even order groceries.

Google it

Google is one of the most powerful real estate properties on the internet. It isn’t just prominent on the internet itself.  It has replaced the term search. We now say “Google it” instead of search for it and the search bar is never far away.

Beneath the search, Google is one of the greatest marketing companies out there and on a deeper level, they have automated the function. 

1st page on Google

They have empowered anyone with an idea, and the willpower to do research, to target people who are looking for that information. Google uses their technology and the content on the web to place the most relevant information in front of the user. Anyone worth their salt is competing to be the first solution on Google’s search result pages, thus adding value to that page.


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