K A A S y – Place Your Product in Front of the Customers Searching For it


Keyword Adaptive Advertising System

  • We use over 20 years research and development, our understanding of business development and automation to create advertising campaigns with user interactivity¬† through our network, our events as well as social media and website traffic.


Our Network

  • We use our growing network of creative entrepreneurs which includes an E-mail list of 352 users, a Meetup group 500+ coders, a Facebook Group 236 Unicorns with videos that have over 1,000 views (within a few days) each, and an Instagram page with over 1,700 followers and over 1,000 views in 7 days (as of March 24th 2019).


The FMiMBranding and CreativeUTO continues to grow daily with new content. The content has been designed to target what creative entrepreneurs are looking for and to consistently rank number one on Google placing your product in front of the people who are looking for it right now.


Extended Network reach

  • We also use the budget from the advertisement to buy in to their (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook) respective advertising system to maximize your visibility based on the views you buy.


Note - KAASy is automatically included in Covered Artist community membership. We promote your content every month under the fitting keywords


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