Portfolio – 11 Logos I Designed

Here are some logos I designed over the years.

My philosophy for logo design is to explain the brand as quickly as possible without having to add a subtext.

Of course, no brand should be explained without subtext so that’s always important, but you won’t always be there to add context to the logo.

Most people will scan it in about 1 second and you have that small window to intrigue them enough to stop and hopefully explore the message accompanied by the logo. In some cases, it’s good to make the subtext stand out in order to bolster what the logo stands for but these are problems you consider down the line when crafting a marketing campaign


Other key strategies include:

  • Favor text over iconography
  • Make them 2 colors or less
  • 2 lines of text, maybe 3
  • Keep it as flat as possible
  • if it doesn’t come out clear on a fax letterhead, it’s not a good logo

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